About Us

The greatest concern for building owners is that if essential safety measures and other safety items are not maintained, then the risk of failure of the item when it is needed (i.e. in an emergency) increases significantly.

Essential safety measures are central to ensuring a safe environment in NSW building’s, and their maintenance is vital for the life, safety and health of occupants over a building’s lifetime.

To this end, the Building Regulations 2006 regulate to ensure adequate levels of fire safety and protection of people in a building or place of public entertainment.

It is important that all those with responsibilities in owning, managing and operating buildings – large or small – are fully aware of, and understand, their responsibilities in the ongoing maintenance of the essential safety measures in their buildings.

Our role at firematrix is to ensure the safety, liveability and sustainability of your Essential Safety Measures.

It is important for all building owners and managers to be informed of their obligations regarding maintenance of the essential safety measures in their buildings. Good maintenance practice of buildings not only makes good sense from a health and safety point of view, it is also a good risk-management business decision.

Fire matrix was established by company director Jody Aldag in June 2007, the original concept behind the creation of fire matrix was to provide an AS1851-2005 compliant digital reporting and supporting database specifically tailored to meet the needs of the fire industry where accounting based and other facilities maintenance programs fell short.

In late 2011 the focus of fire matrix was shifted to a consultancy based service in order to facilitate a need for accurate advice and assistance surrounding Fire & Life Safety throughout the construction & facilities maintenance industries, a constant request from clients and contacts of the sister company of fire matrix, Extreme Fire Solutions. As Extreme Fire provides direct services to both industries, fire matrix was re-born to provide surveying & auditing of essential fire safety measures, BCA compliance reporting as well as consultancy & management certification processes most notably the Annual Fire Safety Statement.