With Fire Matrix Consultancy Group you can be confident that you will benefit from dealing with a company who understand the process of Annual Certification and the submission of Annual Fire Safety Statements.

Fire Matrix will make the handling and process of your annual certification easy, hassle free, and you will never be late submitting to council and FIRE & RESCUE NSW.

We do this by:

  • The team at Fire Matrix Consulting Group oversee the testing of essential services on your premises, we can correlate all supporting documentation such as, annual condition reports, defects and testing log sheets which enable us to have your Building certified and the AFSS submitted to the governing authorities.
  • Fire Matrix can co-ordinate the complete process of organizing all contractors on-site for annual testing and Full Function Tests i.e. Mechanical Air Handling, Automatic Doors, Security etc.
  • Furthermore we can also provide compliance surveys, BCA Audits and design of essential services relating to Fire Detection, Sprinklers, Hydrants, Hose Reels, Special Hazards, CAD services.
  • In addition to this, Fire Matrix Consultants also carry out selected checks of essential services to make sure the incumbent fire contractor are turning up to site and testing your equipment correctly. We witness Full function tests and can streamline this process.
  • By appointing Fire Matrix Consultancy Group to be the Owners representative (Agent) for your building, this will allow the process, preparation and lodgement of your sites AFSS smooth and hassle free.