Available Packages

Available Packages Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Collate all relevant documents including:

  • Essential services inspection & testing documents
  • Defect reports
  • Annual system condition reports (contractors certificates)
Acting as the Owners Representative (Agent), including lodgment fee and lodgment of AFSS to:

  • Relevant Council
  • FIRE & RESCUE NSW (Fire Brigade)
Provide and install in a prominent location in the building, framed copies of:

  • Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS)
  • Fire Safety Schedule
Provide onsite record keeping including:

  • Essential Safety Measures Maintenance Manual
  • Essential services inspection & testing folder
Site visits including:

  • Review onsite log books to ensure compliance
  • Report on compliance of AS1851 maintenance of the site including KPI rating

(1 visit)

Half Yearly

(2 visits)


(4 visits)


(4 visits)

Selected essential services checks:

  • Ensure correct inspection & testing procedure
Co-ordination and overseeing of::

  • Annual inspection & testing
  • Full function system testing (covers up to 4 hours on-site)
Optional Extra’s
Streamline full function tests Optional
Compliance Surveys Optional
Supply & Installation of Cabinet for safe storage of onsite records Optional
Attend special meetings Optional